Oliver B 20-Pack Ventilated Crib Slat Bumpers, White/Lilac

Our Ventilated Crib Slat Bumpers 20-Pack is the perfect answer to that nagging question keeping parents up at night…”to bumper or not to bumper?” Our patent-pending crib slat bumpers offer the protection of a standard bumper while allowing airflow ventilation in and out of your crib. This creates an oxygen rich environment for your buddle of love. Medical research has shown that the more oxygen surrounding your baby during sleep, the safer your baby is from suffering from the unthinkable…SIDS. Each crib slat bumper measures 10 x 5″ with 7.5″ ties, and fits across every two consecutive crib slats in a crib. Also works with non-traditional round and metal cribs. Made in the USA.

Product Features

  • Modern and safe ventilated crib slat bumpers provide an oxygen rich environment for your sleeping infant
  • 100% cotton white body with 100% polyester lilac satin ties
  • Made in the usa, hand wash, lay flat to dry

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