Parenting: POSITIVE DISCIPLINE: 41 Methods of Healthy Discipline for – Child Rearing, Positive Parenting, Mindful Parenting (Parenting with Love, Toddler Parenting, Teen Parenting)

Promote Healthy Emotional, Physical & Social Development for Our Children..


Are you looking to learn discipline methods, that leave you child’s self esteem intact? Do you want to learn how to use positive and negative reinforcements correctly? Want to grow a strong relationship with your child? Want to learn how to handle discipline, without causing damage?

Look no further, “Positive Discipline: 41 Methods of Healthy Discipline for Child Rearing”, is Your Guide. In the book we provide you with effective techniques for the pre-school age, the primary school age, and the teenage years. Our techniques are actionable, and we provide tips for implementation that the reader can easily implement. Background is important to us; so we also provide background for each technique we teach. My wish for this book is to aid our children to reach higher potentials through more healthy, effective parenting.

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