Parenting Peace Pre and Post Natal Multi Vitamin Supplement. 120 Count. Parenting Peace Provides the Best Prenatal/postnatal Multivitamins for You and Your Baby with All the Nutritional Supplements That You Need Throughout Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. 30 Years Experience in Healthcare. With Free E-book From an Expert, Plus Money Back Guarantee.

Parenting Peace excels in offering health education to Mother’s both pre and post delivery. Nutrition is an important aspect of health in pregnancy and lactation. These vitamins will give you all the nutrients that both Mother and baby needs. Including; Vitamin A – which strengthens the immune system and helps the body to recover after pregnancy. Your baby benefits from Vitamin A through cell growth, maintenance of good eye development, fat metabolism along with bone development. B Group Vitamins are essential for cell division and energy vital for both Mother and baby. Vitamin C helps increase the immune system thus helping to reduce stress which many new parents face. Vitamin E an antioxidant which is a protective factor against early miscarriage and pre-eclampsia, a serious complication in pregnancy. Iron along with Vitamin B12 helps to protect against anaemia. Helping to decrease the risk of pre-term and low birth weight babies. Zinc is needed for vision, skin, hair and nails, taste, smell and appetite, boosts the immune system and help general wellbeing. Calcium is necessary for to build healthy teeth and bones and vitamin D is needed for its absorption. Folic Acid is essential in pregnancy to ensure healthy brain, skull and spinal development. So you can see that getting the right nutrients and eating well when your pregnant and breastfeeding is important for optimum health of both you and your baby. SO ORDER NOW BY CLICKING THE BUY NOW BUTTON. I will then send you your free e-book on breastfeeding.

Product Features

  • • “A daily vitamin D dose of 4,000 IU was associated with improved vitamin D status throughout pregnancy, one month prior, and at delivery in both mother and neonate. According to Dr. Althaus is Assistant Professor, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Department “
  • .• Iron helps your body transport oxygen, prevent anaemia, and reduce the risk of preterm and low birth-weight babies. Suggested iron intakes nearly triple during pregnancy to a level that is difficult to satisfy with food alone. Prenatal vitamins usually supply all the iron you need for the day when pregnant – 27 milligrams (mg).
  • • Our product contains 100% of the RDA of Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin D
  • • Folic acid is a necessary part of fetal development in the days immediately after conception, so it’s best to make sure you’re getting the daily requirement before you get pregnant. Because it’s difficult to confirm a pregnancy immediately after conception, women should be getting enough folic acid in their diet before getting pregnant. Folic acid is necessary to cover important fetal development requirements during the first weeks of early pregnancy – when a woman might not yet know that she’s pregnant. Experts recommend 400 micrograms (mcg) a day for women capable of becoming pregnant. According to Dr Shieva Ghofrany, MD, an obstetrician and gynaecologist in Stamford, Conn.t.

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