Rubber-Cal “Eco-Safety” Interlocking Playground Tiles – 2.50 x 19.5 x 19.5 inch – Pack of 10 Playground Mats, 28 Square Feet Coverage – Black

When children are involved, safety is always your first priority. Rubber-Cal’s “Eco-Safety” Interlocking Playground Tiles are some of the very best in playground flooring safety. Whether your playground is being installed in your own backyard, at a public park, or at a school, safe playground surfacing is key. “Eco-Safety” rubber playground mats can be installed to form a cushioned and forgiving playground flooring that will protect kids from dangerous falls while being durable enough to last through rough weather. Our tough interlocking playground tiles are crafted from recycled rubber tire crumb, which comes from vehicle tires made to survive the harshest weather as well as thousands of miles of driving. Because they are made from recycled materials, these playground mats are an ideal sustainable option for any outdoor playground. The bottom of this 2 1/2-inch thick rubber playground surfacing is imprinted with a waffle design that more easily absorbs vibration and heavy impacts when compressed against asphalt or concrete. Safety is always our number one priority when it comes to playground surfacing! That’s why we made sure that “Eco-Safety” playground flooring can cushion falls from up to 6 feet and passes the industry standard ASTM F1292-09 impact attenuation test. The tiles are cut into 20″ x 20″ squares, making them easy to handle and customize to cover a surface of almost any size. To install this flooring, simply connect the interlocking playground tiles for a perfect DIY solution for almost any playground area. Once connected, these playground mats can also be glued to wood or concrete for permanent applications. We are proud to offer affordable playground flooring to keep playgrounds safe and secure for all children. Invest in sustainable “Eco-Safety” interlocking playground tiles for the continued safety of your children!

Product Features

  • Durable recycled rubber tire material makes for longer lasting playground surfacing
  • Rated at a 6 foot critical fall height in total compliance with ASTM F1292-09 requirements
  • Playground tiles are available in four fun, unique colors to add flair to any outdoor playground
  • These rubber interlocking playground tiles are easy to install for temporary or permanent outdoor applications
  • Waffle bottom design softens heavy impacts and absorbs vibration by flexing upon compression against concrete or asphalt

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