White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner Kit

Quick, efficient and easy to use. No removal of your bicycle chain necessary. The Chain Cleaner features 3-Brush rotating brushes for fast, thorough cleaning. Clips onto chain and in just 60 seconds, your chain is clean. Use once a month to maximize bicycle chain life and enjoy a cleaner, smoother and more efficient drivetrain. Includes Degreaser. The Chain Cleaner’s 3-Brush design is what makes it clean so fast and thorough – the brushes rotate with the chain, each bristle tuft cleaning inside each chain link. The White Lightning Chain Cleaner will make you wonder why you ever suffered along with a dirty, grimy, messy chain – it’s that easy to use.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-use chain cleaner with Degreaser
  • Cleaner clips directly to the chain-no need to remove the chain from the bicycle
  • Three-brush rotating design cleans the chain quickly-usually in less than a minute
  • Clean your chain without removing it-in just one minute

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