Parenting:The Ultimate Child Care Book Bundle

The Ultimate Baby Care Book Bundle

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Motherhood is a life changing experience that comes with joy and as well challenges. The Ultimate Child Care bundle is filled with lots of ideas to help you help your child receive the best upbringing.

The tips in here are practical and written for you to easily access in your day to day busy lifestyle.

Here Is A Preview of what you will Learn…

  • Tricks for Easy Nursing
  • How to avoid the ‘terrible twos’
  • Regaining your pre-pregnancy body
  • Tips about saving money, your career after baby
  • Building social skills
  • Developing empathy
  • Much, much more!

    There are the 7 series within The Ultimate Child Care Book Bundle

    BOOK 1.7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School through Play

    BOOK 2.7 Essential Tips for New Mums A Guide to the First Weeks of Motherhood

    BOOK 3: The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your New-born to Six Month Old

    BOOK 4.The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your Six to Eighteen Month Old:

    BOOK 5.The Child Care Book: Caring for Your Toddler:

    BOOK 6.The Child Care Book: Caring for Your Pre-schooler

    BOOK 7. The Child Care Book: Caring for Your School Age Child

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    The Ultimate Child Care Book Bundle

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    Check out what other people are saying about this book Bundle

    Wow! This is surely the definitive parenting book why look anywhere else. Jam packed full of brilliant tips, methods and strategies for all your childcare needs from baby to infants. The wealth of information here is immense, definitely worth a read for every parent!


    My daughter is almost going to school and I wanted to prepare her for it. I bought this book in the hope that I could teach her something good, and the book didn’t disappoint me! I implemented the 7 principles and it helped her a lot! I talk every day with her for at least an hour, we count everything, we share ideas and ‘secrets’, and we do math with our finger daily. She has grown a lot and she is constantly asking me when we are doing our exercises again. This book is a great read and it really works!


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