Cocoweb Sport Armbar Curl U-Lock with Lotuslock Bicycle Flex Loop Cable Bike Lock Duo Combo – Orange

For the very best in bike security, look no further than the Cocoweb Combo Pack of the ArmBar Curl Bicycle U-Lock and LotusLock Security Cable. These two bicycle security locks are molded from the most durable of alloy steel, and together grant peace of mind to any bike owner worried about the safety of their ride; with this combo pack, you can be confident that your bike is always under the tightest security.

Steel Protection meets Plastic Preservation
The ArmBar Curl is constructed from a heavy duty alloy steel, a protective strength matched by the LotusLock is flexible braided steel core. These locks are designed to keep your bike under complete lockdown with the strength of 12mm steel. In addition, both locks are coated and layered in scratch-resistant PVC plastic, which not only preserves your bikes finish, but also helps them resist harsh weather and rust.

Maximum Security
The U-lock dimensions are 6.5Ó x 9.75Ó inches, the perfect size for locking your bikeÕs frame to a post or a rack. But for when you canÕt find a bike rack, or if youÕre just looking for an extra layer of security, the LotusLock combines with the Curl to let your bike stand securely on its own! The LotusLock measures at 5 ft. long, and together with the ArmBar Curl, this means that whether you are looking to lock your front wheel to your back wheel, your frame to your wheels, or even all three to a rack, youÕll always have enough length to secure your needs.

The Core of Convenience On-the-Go
The ArmBar Curl includes two duplicate keys for your convenience, as well as a special anti-theft cover that keeps its keyhole safe from both thieves and rust. For security on-the-go, the ArmBar additionally includes a handy clip-on mounting bracket to carry it on your bike, and the LotusLock features a Velcro strap that lets it coil into compactness for easy transportation as well.

Product Features

  • Combo Pack: Keep your bike safe with the ultimate security team of the ArmBar Curl U-Lock and LotusLock Steel Cable
  • Combined Steel Protection: Protects your bike with a 12 mm heated alloy steel U-lock and a braided steel cable
  • PVC Plastic Coating: Scratch-resistant plastic coating ensures both locks won’t damage your ride
  • Mounting Holster: Bring security with you wherever you go with a frame-mounted bracket
  • Adaptable Size: The LotusLock adds an extra 60″ to the ArmBar’s 6″ x 9″ to lock up bikes of any size

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