Tucked up claw

I’ve been watching this male burrowing owl for sometime now. Another owl has been seen so we’re pretty sure there’s a female in the burrow with the eggs/babies. This guy faithfully stands guard all day. I’m monitoring more closely now looking for chicks to emerge.
I think he’s gotten to recognize me. I park nearby and watch him. He usually sleeps once I turn the car off. Not much traffic out there, but he flies to a post when a car does speed by, then resumes his duty at the nest hole. As it gets towards sundown he wakes up….sometimes flying to a fence post and hooting softly. He did go down in the burrow once and I could hear soft chuckling sounds.

4 thoughts on “Tucked up claw

  1. Fantastic image of this cute owl, Linda! It was on my third visit that any of the babies were out. Really hit and miss.

  2. Beautiful capture, Linda! Nice and sharp and the side light really works nicely with this image! It appeared that he’s not so shy and let you come quite close!

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